Monday, 14 May 2018


A Zimunya man has been sentenced to an effective 18 months in prison for theft after he broke into his father’s storeroom and stole goods worth $10 000.

Chezani Bhaureni Jnr (24) from Rowa East under Chief Zimunya recently appeared before Mutare magistrate Mr Lazarus Murendo and was convicted on his own plea of guilty.

Bhaureni Jnr was sentenced to 30 months in prison, of which six months were suspended on condition he does not commit a similar offence in the next five years.

A further six months were also suspended on condition that the accused restitutes the complainant $7 100, being the value of the property that was not re- covered.

The State successfully proved that sometime in November 2017, the complainant, Chezani Bhaureni Snr, left his property in his storeroom at their abbatoir and secured it by locking all the doors and windows.

Taking advantage of his father’s absence, Bhaureni Jnr used an unknown object to gain entry into the storeroom and stole a generator, water pump, two brake discs, one tractor plough disc, five kitchen sinks and 12 pistons, among other goods.

The total value of goods stolen amounted to $10 000. The complainant only discovered in April this year that his property had been stolen. He filed a report at Zimunya Police Post.

Investigations led to Chezani Bhaureni Jnr’s arrest. One water pump, a diesel generator and two brake discs were recovered from Tendai Madinga. The total value of the recovered property is $2 900.

In passing sentence, Mr Murendo took into account that the accused didn’t waste the court’s time.
He, however, indicated that a non-custodial sentence wasn’t possible since the two lived under the same roof, making the arrangement untenable.

“Your behaviour is akin to that of a dog biting its owner or a guard stealing property entrusted to his care. The complainant is your father whom you lived with on the farm; hence, community service is not appropriate,” said Mr Murendo. Herald


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