Monday, 7 May 2018


The MDC will field a candidate in Mt Pleasant, ending any hopes of Advocate Fadzayi Mahere joining the alliance.

MDC-T's elections secretary Murisi Zwizwai has confirmed that there are two candidates vying to stand for the party in Mt Pleasant -Jameson Timba and Samuel Banda.
Mahere had applied to join the alliance. She will now battle Zanu PF 's Passad and the MDC candidate.
Zwizwai insisted that his party will not boycott polls but will ensure that elections will not be held without reforms.

: "We are aware that ZanuPF wants to rig elections using the ballot papers. There is chromatography technology that is used. That's why we want to be part and parcel of the process, because that's where the election will be. Ememrson Mnangagwa wants to do smart rigging"

He said that the MDC-T will insist on ballots being printed abroad and that representatives of the opposition be allowed to accompany the ballots to Zim. He says Fidelity Printers cannot be trusted as it also printed the bond notes, which have no value.


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