Monday, 14 May 2018


MDC-T faction leader Mr Nelson Chamisa continued with his childish and fantasy promises over the weekend when he promised people in Buhera that he would upgrade Murambinda Growth Point into a city as big as Harare in July, once voted into power.

Further, he said he would transform Murambinda Mission Hospital into a general hospital over and above tarring the 122km road from Murambinda to Birchenough Bridge.

Addressing a crowd during his first rally following his dismal trip to the United Kingdom last week, Mr Chamisa said his “government” would give every village in Buhera a tractor.

The fantasy promises made to the people of Buhera adds up to other utopian promises made to villagers in Murehwa where Mr Chamisa committed to building village airports, spaghetti roads and introducing bullet trains.

“Murambinda should not remain as a growth point. It should develop to be a town or a city. I want to tell you that once I get into office, Murambinda should be renamed from Murambinda Growth Point to Murambinda City. We want to develop Buhera into a city not a town. Why should we develop Buhera? We should not go to Harare to withdraw our money. We should not go to Harare to sell our products.

“We also want to refurbish roads. We want this road from Murambinda to Birchenough Bridge to be tarred.”

Mr Chamisa said once he gets into power, he would abolish the bond notes and introduce the US dollar and South African rand — currencies which are already in the multi-currency basket.

Commenting on his recent UK tour, Mr Chamisa said his visit was successful and he met all leaders of the British administration.
Mr Chamisa said he would pre-empt the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission and announce the number of people voting for his party in the next elections before the polls.

He said they had set conditions for his MDC-Alliance coalition to participate in the elections.
Among other conditions, Mr Chamisa said they wanted to know who would print the ballot papers, who would announce the election results and to know “who was rigging elections in the past polls”. Herald


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