Monday, 14 May 2018


PROMINENT Bulawayo businessman and former South African Airways (SAA) boss, Mr Elphas Mavune Maphisa has approached the High Court challenging a ruling by a magistrate blocking him from demanding about $10 000 from his ex-wife.

Mr Maphisa (63) made headlines in 2016 after he got a tongue-lashing from Bulawayo High Court judge Justice Nicholas Mathonsi who described him as a spoilt and irresponsible man who enjoys a luxurious life at the expense of his own children.

The money that Mr Maphisa is demanding from his ex-wife Ms Patience Moyo is for accumulated telephone, rent, water and electricity bills, which she allegedly incurred while staying at their 10-roomed house in Kumalo suburb.

Mr Maphisa filed an application for review at the Bulawayo High Court citing Ms Moyo and Ms Sharon Rosemani, the magistrate who presided over the matter.
Ms Rosemani dismissed Mr Maphisa’s application, saying it lacked merit.

In his founding affidavit, Mr Maphisa said Ms Moyo stayed at his house for three years while he was in South Africa before they broke up in 2012.

After the termination of their marriage, Ms Moyo moved out of Mr Maphisa’s house and allegedly left a bill of $9 551.
Mr Maphisa said since his ex-wife was gainfully employed and running a hair salon and a boutique shop, there is no way she could have failed to pay the utility bills.

However, Ms Moyo said there was no agreement of expenses made between the two parties. She argued that as Mr Maphisa’s wife she had no obligation to pay rent and the utility bills.

“Both our families met and money for lobola was paid and I then moved to our matrimonial home. No agreement of expenses was ever made. Why would a wife pay for rent and expenses?” she queried.

She said her ex-husband was fired from the SAA after he had worked for the airline company for more than 12 years.

In November 2016, Justice Mathonsi blasted Mr Maphisa, describing him as a spoilt and irresponsible man who enjoys a luxurious life at the expense of his own children.

He made the remarks as he dismissed an appeal by Mr Maphisa challenging his conviction and sentence of eight months after defaulting in paying maintenance for his child.
Mr Maphisa at the time was in maintenance arrears of $2 475.

Bulawayo magistrate Ms Gladmore Mushove had sentenced Maphisa to eight months in prison which she wholly suspended on condition that he cleared the maintenance arrears.
Justice Mathonsi, who was sitting at the criminal appeals court with Justice Maxwell Takuva, said Maphisa’s conduct was despicable given his social status.

Mr Maphisa is a qualified accountant who was previously employed by SAA and owns an apartment in Johannesburg’s Kempton Park. Chronicle


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