Thursday, 17 May 2018


ZIMBABWEANS must vote for President Mnangagwa in the upcoming harnonised elections as he is the only one with the capacity to turnaround the economy through cleaning the mess created by his predecessor, Mr Robert Mugabe, Vice President General Constantino Chiwenga (Retired), has said.

Addressing mourners at the burial of Mr Phineas Tagwirei, father to Sakunda Energy Holdings director Mr Kudakwashe Tagwirei, in Shurugwi yesterday, VP Chiwenga said President Mnangagwa had scored big in a short period of time.

He said the country was in a deep mess left by the previous administration. VP Chiwenga said President Mnangagwa was determined to transform the country by turning around the economy.
“President Mnangagwa is the First Secretary of Zanu PF and he is also the party’s Presidential candidate for the forthcoming harmonised elections.

“Tese tirikuona madambutanana anga ari munyika muno zvaititadzisa kugara zvakanaka. Mwana wenyu uyu President Mnangagwa mutambirei mumuvhotere agogadzira nyika Zimbabwe igoenderera mberi.

I implore you to vote for him so that our party, A God given party Zanu PF, will remain in power,” he said.

VP Chiwenga said President Mnangagwa had proved his capabilities after successfully stewarding Command Agriculture programme, which played a significant role in averting hunger and ensuring food security in the country.
“We all know that the country was grappling with perennial droughts and hunger. As leadership we set down and deviced a plan to avert hunger and ensure food security in the country. We came up with the Command Agriculture programme and was superintended by President Mnangagwa when he was still the Vice President. He was, however not alone, he was assisted by Mr Tagwirei of Sakunda and Agriculture, Land and Rural Resettlement Minister, Air Chief Marshal (retired) Perrance Shiri.

“We all came together the military and the business community to ensure that the programme was successful. That is why President Mnangagwa is here to mourn with you because Mr Tagwirei is hard working and has made  a significant contribution towards revitalisation of the agricultural sector,” he said.

VP Chiwenga commended Mr Tagwirei for complementing Government efforts to avert hunger and ensure food security at household level through his unwavering support for the Command Agriculture Programme.

Speaking at the same gathering, Mr Tagwirei said it was incumbent upon every Zimbabwean citizen to rebuild the country’s economy.

Mr Tagwirei said the corporate world should complement Government efforts in turning around the economy. Chronicle


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