Wednesday, 4 April 2018


 The trial of Windmill chief executive officer George Rundongo, accused of raping and impregnating his niece, failed to kick off yesterday after he demanded a DNA sample of the foetus that was disposed when the victim went through a legal abortion.

Rundongo, 50, appeared before Harare regional magistrate Hosea Mujaya to answer to the rape charges but claimed he could not craft his defence in the absence of the DNA sample and police diary logs.

Apparently, the victim who is Rundogo’s half-brother’s 15-year-old daughter, legally went through termination of the pregnancy after making the rape claim.

Rundogo’s lawyer, Godwin Nyengedza of Scanlen and Holderness, applied for the matter to be postponed to April 30 on that basis.

“Your worship, may the matter be postponed to April 30 because the defence is not in a position to put together a defence outline because there are outstanding documents which the State has undertaken to furnish,” Nyengedza said.

“The DNA sample and its importance cannot be overstated considering that this was a termination carried out on an Act of Parliament.

“The defence has also undertaken to have... Thabani Mpofu appear for the accused person during the trial and at the moment he is engaged in another court and will only be available on that date.”
Prosecutor Rudo Chasi confirmed that the State had consented to the postponement and efforts would be made to meet Rundogo’s demands before commencement of trial.

“The accused person has requested for the doctor who carried out the termination and police diary logs and based on that, we have agreed to the postponement,” Chasi said.
Mujaya granted the postponement and advised Rundogo to sort out his legal representation issues. He warned the legal hygiene issues would not stop the trial from commencing on April 30.
Rundogo is a chartered accountant and member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Zimbabwe.

It is the State’s case that on December 30, Rundogo met the All Souls High School pupil at Market Square and then took her to his office at Longchen Plaza Complex in Belvedere.

The court heard that whilst the complaint was in the office, Rundongo gave her $900 which he said was for her welfare and entered into another room from which he emerged with a mattress.
It was further alleged that the 15-year-old girl tried to wrestle Rundongo but was overpowered before being raped without using protection.

The court heard that the girl only brought herself to open up about the ordeal to her science teacher after realising she had missed her menstrual cycle for two consecutive months.
A police report was filed and she was referred to Mtoko Hospital where she was examined and found to be pregnant.

The pregnancy was lawfully terminated. Daily News


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