Thursday, 26 April 2018


AN 11-year-old boy from Ntabazinduna was left with swollen privates after his step-mother allegedly kicked him on the testicles.

The woman (21) went berserk when she found the Grade Six pupil eating sweet reeds in his father’s field and allegedly attacked him.

She pleaded not guilty to domestic abuse charges before Bulawayo magistrate Mr Franklin Mkhwananzi who remanded her out of custody to next Wednesday for trial.
For the State, Mr Maclean Ndlovu alleged that the woman assaulted her step-son last Monday at the fields.

“On April 16, the minor who resides with her grandmother went to his father’s field to look for sweet reeds. The accused person saw him eating the sweet reeds and became angry,” the prosecutor said.

“She approached the child, slapped him once on the cheek and kicked him on his testicles, inflicting bodily harm. As a result of the assault, the child sustained a swollen scrotum and face. He was taken to hospital.

“The accused person, being the complainant’s step-mother, exhibited a total disregard for the law, by perpetrating an assault on a hapless young boy whom she is supposed to protect and directed the assault on his testicles.”

In May last year, a woman from Bulawayo was dragged to court after she allegedly abused her five step-children who had been placed under her custody.
The woman (27) would assault the children with an electric cable and hurl obscenities at them until one of them, a 14-year-old boy, took off to the streets.

She said the children were mischievous and were in the habit of searching her handbags for money. She complained to their father and every time he ignored her, Chronicle


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