Friday, 2 February 2018


Deep beyond the hem of the capital far from the city limits amidst the smell of soot and smoke in the land of Chief Chinhamora in Nyamande Village, Domboshava, lies a magnificent mansion that can easily get a slot on MTV cribs.

Conspicuously different from homes in its surroundings, this home has become the status symbol and hallmark of the splurging and bling life of Genius “My Guy” Kadungure of the Bentley IPad fame. The mansion is a definite head turner and were a way to lift it, it could be easily placed in the famous Borrowdale Brooke estate. 

But the ownership of this mansion has become debatable lately. While the popular socialite and businessman Genius Ginimbi Kadungure claims to have built the mansion in his home area where he grew up, a fortnight ago things took a rather curious turn. There was a new twist to the ownership of this house. It emerged on court record that flamboyant businesswoman Zodwa Mkandla also claims ownership to the house that Ginimbi built.
These ownership details leaked in a case in which Zodwa, who is popularly known as Zozo, lost property worth $60 000 at the house in question and had to have the Bobbies get in on the case to help her crack the case and recover what she lost.

In the court case, the State detailed that Zodwa lost the property at her Domboshava mansion to one of her security personnel, a man identified as Justice Jasi. Justice allegedly did injustice in spite of the trust vested in him.

The two businesspeople (Zozo and Ginimbi) have both NEVER categorically stated their marital status despite speculation and rumours that the two are married under Marriage Act which will entitle them to dual ownership of properties. In fact in the latest interview on Star FM, Ginimbi skirted answering the question on his marital status or ‘first lady’. Yet the new revelation could prove one of three things.

Either Genius is masquerading as a home owner and is actually being looked after like the proverbial church mouse, or the two have joint ownership by virtue of being married and therefore indeed Zodwa and Genius could be an item in a secret marriage, or the two could simply be joint owners without marriage. Yet sources in the couple’s circles told this publication that the two are business partners and not lovers.

“The two are business partners and not lovers as presumed; they are just close that’s all,” said a source close to the power couple.

However, the street jury has given the verdict that the two are an item and Zozo is the anchor of Ginimbi’s finances, a claim that Ginimbi is on record denying. With lucrative palpable business, it would seems Genius feeds off the sweat and genius of Zozo’s widely celebrated business acumen and tenacity. Genius became popular for his traditional all white parties where he flaunts his wealth, popping expensive bottles of whiskey.

Zozo has been prominent at these parties, giving credence to word that the two are either business partners or an item with Zozo being the benefactor. Both have strong rural backgrounds with Ginimbi having grown up in rural Domboshava while Zozo was born in rural Matabeleland (Bubi).

Their lavish lifestyle, where Ginimbi is the most vain, has been flaunted on popular social network sites such as Instagram and Snapchat, with Genius being known to do the preposterous and bizarre, his latest antic being the dry humping of a poor chubby chap at his last all white party in South Africa that left the webosphere at a loss for words.

The chubby fellow however was so traumatised and it would not be too far-fetched to suppose he still hasn’t gotten over being humped at the hands of Ginimbi in front of the partying crowd.

The case of the house however, has gotten tongues wagging with all documentary evidence proving the house belongs at least partiallyuyto the legendary Zodwa. Herald


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