Sunday, 11 February 2018


BULAWAYO mayor, Councillor Martin Moyo last Wednesday walked out of a council meeting as tensions among councillors reached fever pitch levels, it has been learnt.

Council chambers have of late been divided with a smaller grouping aligning with the Mayor and Town Clerk, Mr Christopher Dube while the bulk has vehemently opposed the town clerk, Mr Christopher Dube, accusing him of attempting to take unilateral decisions. It has since been revealed that Clr Moyo walked out of the meeting after councillors accused him of “unnecessarily” siding with the Town Clerk and trying to block a council resolution which had been passed by a majority of councillors.

“When Clr Moyo initially threatened to walk out, he thought councillors would block him but the councillors actually encouraged him to go as they accused him of trying to be dictatorial. When he eventually walked out they immediately voted Ward 16 councillor, Nephat Sibanda to chair the meeting. The coming few weeks will be interesting as the tussle between councillors and the Town Clerk has become apparent. Councillors on one hand say they are the decision-makers in council as guided by the Urban Councils Act while the Town Clerk argues that as the chief executive officer the buck stops with him,” said the council source.

Efforts to get a comment from Clr Moyo were fruitless. The bone of contention which resulted in the mayor walking out reportedly involved the recruitment of an assistant director of health services (environmental health) after the bulk of councillors resolving to employ 50-year-old, Mr Charles Malaba, who had come third during the interviews.

The Town Clerk and the Mayor together with a handful of councillors were on the other hand pushing for the employment of 34-year-old Mr Nkanyiso Ndlovu who had excelled in the interviews but councillors argued that he lacked the experience and exposure required for the post.

“Whilst the recommended candidate had excelled during the interviews and had relevant qualifications, he lacked the experience and exposure required for this post. His focus so far appeared to have been limited to cleansing. There was also the aspect of maturity as he was only 34 years old.

After further debate, Clr Rodney Jele proposed and was duly seconded by Clr Charles Ndlovu that candidate number three (Mr Charles Moyo) be appointed to the post of assistant director of health services (environmental health),” reads part of a council confidential report.

Mr Ndlovu had since written to the local authority registering his concern over what he says was discriminatory noting that age was never a requirement for the said position.

“Age was never a specification for this post hence cannot be used as basis for denying me appointment to this vacant post. For the record, I am a young man but I am very capable to discharge the duties of this post and the previous assistant director did put us under mentorship for this post hence am fully prepared for the assumption of this post.

“I find no reason why I should be disqualified from this post. It is my wish that this issue be resolved amicably internally without resorting to the courts. It is my strong contention that I be appointed to this vacant post as soon as possible as the decision to deny me this appointment is discriminatory, unfair and unprocedural,” reads part of Mr Ndlovu’s letter.

The councillors, however, threw out the appeal noting that appointment to any vacant post in council was not automatic and council as the appointing authority, had the prerogative to employ and had already made a decision on the matter. Sunday News


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