Friday, 26 January 2018


TWO Marondera-based police constables reportedly set dogs on their superiors after they recalled them from a gold mine in Goromonzi where they were maintaining law and order. Stanford Chinsela (29) and Obey Navaya (22) are both stationed at Marondera canine section. It is alleged that Assistant Inspector Trymore Hofisi advised the pair and other police officers that it was now time to go back to their stations.

Chinsela and Navaya, who still wanted to remain at the mine, suddenly turned hostile and refused to leave the mine. Chinsela and Navaya have been summoned to appear before Harare magistrate Ms Rumbidzai Dzumira on February 9 for trial. They are facing disorderly conduct charges.
It is the State’s case that on July 1, Chinsela and Navaya were part of the team drawn from Marondera to maintain order at Cynthian Mine in Goromonzi. After some few days, the situation at the mine normalised.

Asst Inspector Hofisi, who was commanding the team, ordered police officers from Marondera, Chinamhora and Juru to stand down and return to their stations. He told them that only a few officers would remain at the mine.

This did not go down well with Chinsela and Navaya. Chinsela, the State alleges, started shouting at Asst Insp Hofisi. Navaya joined in. The duo proceeded to a windlass where mine workers were receiving gold ore. Chinsela is alleged to have chased them away. He threatened to unleash his dog on them.

The mine workers and other police officers including Asst Insp Hofisi fled from the scene as Chinsela and Navaya charged towards them. Constable Tafadzwa Hove, who was also at the scene, advised the accused persons to stop what they were doing. They defied and set their dogs on him.

Cst Hove, a dog handler, then released his dog which overpowered Chinsela and Navala’s dogs. All the three dogs then turned to Chinsela and Navala, who sustained injuries due to the dog bites. The pair was then arrested and rushed to hospital for treatment. Herald


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