Monday, 29 January 2018


The Harare City Council (HCC) has begun impounding vehicles from unregistered car sales, in a blitz targeted at curbing illegal activities in the city.

In an interview, HCC spokesperson Michael Chideme said the exercise, which started last Friday, was aimed at cleaning up the city which had been taken over by illegal car parks and car-sales, among other illicit activities.

The exercise to remove illegal car sales started after Local Government minister July Moyo directed that all unwarranted activities in Harare and other towns and cities be dealt with by councils.

“We are doing the exercise around Warren Park and along Simon Mazorodze and will slowly move to other parts of the city. The confiscated vehicles are taken to our Central Stores along Coventry Road for safe keeping,” Chideme said.

Harare has been battling to reclaim open spaces that have been invaded by unregistered car sales and car parks operated privately.

According to a report presented by the informal sector committee to council last year, the city wanted to take over the car parks for revenue collection.

The committee wanted council’s support in enforcement, clamping of illegally, permanently parked vehicles and demolition of illegal structures within guarded car parks.
“The data base for overnight guarded car parks as at 15th April 2016 amounted to a monthly potential of $64 414 in revenue.

 Daily revenue collection system which was introduced in May had a daily potential amounting to $2 920 for guarded car parks,” the minutes said Daily News


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