Tuesday, 19 December 2017


A GRADUATION ceremony of more than 1000 nurse aides ended prematurely after one student was stripped by the other graduands over money in Harare Gardens on Friday. 

Graduands dragged one of the students Eurita Churu and stripped her as she tried to escape over failure to give them their certificates and other services she promised after she demanded extra money from them.

The aspiring nurse aides vowed not to leave Eurita until she availed one Evans Mudavanhu whom they accused of dealing with her in defrauding them.

Police moved swiftly to disperse the graduands and arrested Eurita along with Trisah Mudavanhu and another student only identified as Sarah. They were taken to central police station where they were detained and more than 300 aspiring nurse aides were vowing to lodge a police report against Eurita and Mudavanhu.

“We want Evans here because he is the one who sent Eurita, Trisah and Sarah to demand money on a training they said was being funded by a nongovernmental organization,” said one of the students.

“What irked us is that they are failing to give us our certificates only to give us fake ones written different things.

“Mudavanhu was ordering these ladies to ask us pay US$95 each to cover cost of food on this graduation day, name tags, uniforms and certificates.

“Mudavanhu demanded US$10 from those who wanted to be helped in getting attachment to hospitals like Parirenyatwa, Chitungwiza and Harare among others.

“He even bedded some of the students promising them jobs,” said the student.

Contacted for comment Mudavanhu pleaded with H-Metro over publishing the story.
“Please do not publish that story, where are you so that we can agree mkoma pakaipa,” said Mudavanhu.

He claimed one of the arrested people was his wife but she has since been released.

“My wife and the other ladies were released by police since I had paid them to protect the graduation ceremony.

“The arrests were meant to escort them safely from the people who were baying for their blood, mukadzi wangu nditori naye havanakusungwa hapana nyaya,” said Mudavanhu. H Metro


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