Thursday, 23 November 2017


WAR veterans in Mashonaland West have warned Zanu-PF party members to always remember that the party is supreme and not individuals, as the Government is being reconstituted. Mashonaland West war veterans chairperson Cde Cornelius Muoni said all Zanu-PF members should respect the party and must be guided by its principles that were crafted during the liberation struggle.

“No one is above the party. Let’s respect the values of our party in whatever we do. The party must be upfront, even when you are doing slogans, you need to put the party first because we want to guard against creating demigods ,” said Cde Muoni.

He said war veterans, who are the vanguard of the liberation struggle, must remain focused on delivering total independence and maintaining the values and ethos of the struggle. Cde Muoni said that the political situation had become a security threat, which called for unity of purpose to prevail for country to move forward.

“It’s no longer a secret that our party had become a security threat because there were some rogue elements who were trying to reverse the gains of the liberation struggle, which we had fought for,” said Muoni.

He further said that there were now some people who pinpointing others as they jostled for positions. Cde Muoni called for unity to prevail among party members and that they must form a united front as the country approaches the 2018 harmonised elections.

“During this election period we should be united, maintain peace and stability in our country,” said Cde Muoni. herald


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