Thursday, 23 November 2017


Military Touch Movement (MTM) boss, Jah Prayzah’s camp has been challenged to organise a mega concert for the artiste who is riding high on his prophetic Kutonga Kwaro album that has united people and is being used to celebrate President Robert Mugabe’s resignation.

The album whose title track has become a national anthem because of its powerful lyrics which resonate well with the President’s departure and entry of new leader, Emmerson Mnangagwa, is playing popular among many and as such, people have called on the artiste to stage a show which they have promised to attend in their numbers.

The show, they have suggested, must be held at the 60 000 capacity National Sports Stadium in Harare. This, they said, is to ensure all who want to attend are accommodated and they have proposed an affordable entry fee of $2.

“As Jah Prayzah’s manager, I think it’s time you organise a Kutonga Kwaro show that’ll be named #FillUpNationalSportsStadium,” suggested one Ben Majeza.
His suggestion was received with so much excitement by Facebook users who encouraged 
Jah Prayzah’s manager, Keen Mushapaidze to really consider hosting the show.

“This is so true and the fee has to be very affordable so that everyone can afford to attend,” responded one Emilia Shekede.

Another suggested that the event serve as a New Zimbabwe ‘Independence Day’ celebration amid fears that the venue could otherwise prove too small.
“We want you to perform at the National Sports Stadium as we want to sing Kutonga Kwaro with you, though my fear is it might be a small venue for you now,” posted Guidance Mugayi.

Others simply requested that their idol stage a free show, similar to what Bob Marley did when he performed at the Rufaro Stadium for the 1980 Independence celebrations.
But before he performs, many Zimbabweans are curious and have demanded that Jah Prayzah – a Zimbabwe Defence Forces brand ambassador – explains how he managed to prophesy that Zimbabwe, which has only had one leader since it gained its independence in 1980, would have a new leader through his Kutonga Kwaro track.

“We need you to tell us whether your ancestors are the ones who told you about what would happen or if you’re a prophet, or otherwise the army involved you in their planning,” quizzed one Dadirai Musambo on the artiste’s Facebook page.

Other than Kutonga Kwaro, most of Jah Prayzah’s tracks such as Soja Rinosvika Kure from a previous album were also prophetic in that he sang that he would face hurdles in life and most importantly, his career, but he would overcome them. Indeed, for a moment, Jah Prayzah’s career seemed to have been crumbling a few weeks back, but now, he has proved that he is here to stay, judging by the way his music is loved by the people now.

Some were however saddened by the fact that during this time of political renewal, Jah Prayzah, whom many now refer to as their Cde Chinx because of his music which has united and given them hope, was not in the country to celebrate with them. Jah Prayzah who is now in South Africa, had been performing in Australia and says he will be returning home soon to join in the celebrations. chronicle


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