Friday, 24 November 2017


12:52 – I feel deeply humbled by the decision of Zanu-Pf party to nominate me to be the President and Commander-in-Chief  of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces.
I admit that I hold no unique qualification that sets me apart from the rest of the citizenry.
President Mnangagwa pays attribute to outgoing president Cde RG Mugabe as a resolute leader who led the nation right from independence and says whatever his mistakes should not overshadow his immense contribution.
He says Cde Mugabe to him, remains a father and a mentor.
13:01 – President Mnangagwa recognizes the presence of Africa’s senior statesmen led by Dr Kenneth kaunda, Zambia’s founding President. Dr Kaunda has since retired.
13:02 – President Mnangagwa asserts that development will not be through speeches and as such he will hit the ground running.
He says although we can not change the past, there is however a lot that can be done today although not forgetting the past. However bygones will be bygones as we embrace each other in order to rebuild Zimbabwe, a great country.
13:03 – He says never again should Zimbabwe be placed in the conditions which have made the country unfavourable in some global sections.
13:04 – President Mnangagwa says he has no doubt that the country will be built from the strong foundation built by Cde RG Mugabe. He says the world should understand that the principle of repossessing our land is important.
13:06 – He therefore challenges the land beneficiaries to utilize the land made available to them in order to defeat hunger.
He says Gvt will capacitate the Land Commission to deal with all outstanding land issues. He says former land owners will be compensated according to the laws of the country.
13:08 – President Mnangagwa commits that the upcoming 2018 elections will be held as scheduled and democratically.
13;10 – He says Zim subscribes to the principle that all people are equal in accordance with UN statutes.
He says his goal is to run an administration that recognizes the strength across the country’s political divide.
13:12 – He says the country’s economic policies will be hinged on agriculture in a way that would be expected to enhance job creation.
He also says key principles will be pursued in order to attract foreign direct investment as Zimbabwe seeks to move steps up.
13:14 – The economic policies to be pursued will incorporate elements of market economy.
The bottom line is an economy which is firm on its feet in order to achieve job creation and development.
The liquidity challenges prevailing in the country will be tackled head-on.
13:16 – Act s of corruption must stop! – asserts President Mnangagwa.
Where these occur swift justice mus follow. We have to aspire to be a clean nation.
To the civil servants President Mnangagwa says it must not be business as usual. Gone are the days of absenteeism.
13:18 -A new culture must now inform our daily conduct.
13:21 -Gvt will ensure relaxation of exports statutes.
He says Gvt will also ensure policies that encourage a new banking culture based on savings and confidence in the banking system.
13:22 – Government will also ensure security and safety for all citizens.
13:23 – He says SADC is home to Zimbabwe as we also acknowledge that we belong to the bigger house of the African Union.
13:24 – He says Zimbabwe has managed to maintain good relations with the global family, but Government will immediately start on a journey to reengage with those who have punished us through sanctions.
13:26 – In the global world, no nation can survive in isolation. Whatever differences that existed with those that imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe should pave way for a new beginning.
But of course, our resources remain ours. We remain committees to honoring debts.
“All foreign investment will be safe in Zimbabwe,” asserts President Mnangagwa.
He says Zimbabwe will contribute to the well being of the global political order through the United Nations. Zimbabwe will continue to contribute to the international peace and security within the framework of the UN.
13:30 -President Mnangagwa promises that he will serve everyone and all who consider Zimbabwe their home and encourages all people remain peaceful even as we move into the election period. The Voice of the people is the voice of God.
The newly sworn in President of Zimbabwe, His Excellency President Emmerson Mnangagwa finishes his inauguration speech amid cheers.
-President Mnangagwa paid tribute to the Former President RG Mugabe for leading the country through the formative years after independence up to now
- Zimbabwe to reengage with the outside world including those that imposed sanctions following the country’s land reform programme
- Land beneficiaries should take advantage of government’s policies to utilize their plots and ensure food security
- To the civil servants, the days of business as usual are over as Zimbabwe needs to hit the ground running
- All foreign direct investments will be safe in Zimbabwe
- Cash crunch to be attended to
- Corruption to be dealt with seriously
- Peace and security for all is of paramount importance as Zimbabwe moves a step further in its history.
Dr Obert Mpofu now to the podium to give vote of thanks.
13:53 – Congratulations and handshaking now take place with Heads of State, Judges, Service Chiefs and all other dignitaries.


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