Friday, 13 October 2017


A 45-YEAR-OLD man from Mpopoma suburb in Bulawayo says he stole from his employer because his salary was too little to sustain him and his family.

John Malunga told a court that he stole from his employer, Mr Eric Maderera, because he was being paid a pittance.

“I was working day and night but he only paid me $100. The money was too little compared to the job I was doing and it couldn’t sustain me and my family so I had to steal to supplement, my pay,” he said.

Malunga pleaded guilty to a theft charge when he appeared before Western Commonage magistrate Mr Stephen Ndhlovu yesterday.

The magistrate sentenced him to 12 months imprisonment and suspended six months.
“The court considers that you are a first offender. You lost your job after committing the offence and the amount of stolen property is not too much.

However, we do not condone stealing from employers as it is a breach of trust between employer and employee. I will not send you to prison because you need to take care of your family,” said Mr Ndhlovu.
“I sentence you to 12 months in prison. Four months suspended on condition that you do not commit a similar crime in five years while two months are suspended on condition that you restitute the complainant before November 30. For the remaining six months, you will serve 210 hours of community service here at West Comm Court.”

Prosecuting Mr Mufaro Mageza said Malunga stole property worth $656 from Mr Maderera’s hardware shop between July and October this year.

“On July 1 the complainant hired the accused to work at his hardware shop in Kelvin North. On October 6 he gave him a set of 100 keys but when he wanted them back, the accused gave him 15 keys,” said Mr Mageza.

“This prompted complainant to check his property and he noted that property worth $656 was missing. A search was conducted at the accused’s house and property worth $195 was recovered.” chronicle


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