Saturday, 7 October 2017


A 30-year-old Mberengwa man reportedly assaulted his breastfeeding wife all over her body causing her to dislocate her left ankle, before forcing her and their baby to spend the night without blankets as punishment for denying him sex. Gift Banda of Tito Store at Masase Business Centre appeared before Mberengwa resident magistrate Mrs Evia Matura facing two counts of domestic violence and escaping from police custody.

Banda pleaded guilty to both charges, but will be sentenced on Monday next week as the State is waiting for the medical report of his wife, Ms Caroline Chikono. Ms Matura remanded him in custody. Prosecutor Ms Wadzanayi Shayanewako told the court that on Monday last week at around 8pm, Banda arrived home and found Ms Chikono in the blankets breastfeeding their daughter (age not given). Banda, the court heard, removed his clothes before joining the complainant in the blankets.

“He then instructed the complainant to stop breastfeeding the baby and also remove her clothes so that they could be intimate,” said Ms Shayanewako. She said the order by Banda did not go down well with Ms Chikono who continued breastfeeding their baby.

“The accused started assaulting the complainant with open hands and then with a cooking stick several times all over the body The accused person then opened the door and instructed the complainant to leave the house together with the baby. The complainant couldn’t walk since her felt ankle had been dislocated due to the assault.,” said Ms Shayanewako.

The court heard that Banda instructed his wife to spend the night without blankets together with the baby. Ms Chikono, the court heard, made a report to the police the following morning. On count two, the court heard that on Tuesday last week, Banda escaped from police custody.

“Whilst at Masase Police Base, the accused person was lawfully detained in temporary cells waiting to be ferried to Mberengwa Court,” said Ms Shayanewako.

“He unlawfully escaped from lawful custody by using an unknown object to forcefully open the door and went away unnoticed.” Ms Shayanewako said Banda was only rearrested four days later following a tip off while at his house. herald


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