Tuesday, 17 October 2017


MUTARE Mayor Councillor Tatenda Nhemarare’s job is on the line following calls by some councillors for his ouster, citing corruption and incompetence. 

The call for the mayor’s ouster came during a full council meeting which was held last Wednesday. Mutare City chamber secretary Mr Cephas Vuta confirmed that the disgruntled councillors passed a vote of no confidence against Mr Nhemarare.

“It is true,” he said. “Councillors have passed a vote of no confidence on Clr Nhemarare. Some councillors have agreed on a vote of no confidence against the mayor. I think I should meet with the mayor himself first before I respond to some of your questions. Maybe you can send them through e-mail.”

Mr Vuta told The Herald that an urgent special council meeting had been called for yesterday afternoon to “deal with the matter”.

“We are having a special council meeting this afternoon (yesterday) at 4pm where we expect to discuss the matter,” he said.

Although he refused to shed more light over the issues raised by the councillors who are calling for his resignation, Clr Nhemarare said the councillors’ actions were not procedural.
“It is not procedural according to the Urban Councils Act,” he said. “I think it is better that you ask the councillors who raised the issues. It is true that we have a special council meeting today (yesterday) but it is not open to the public.”

Sources within the council said the call to oust Clr Nhemarare came amid allegations of corruption and failure to provide service delivery. He also stands accused of being biased towards MDC-T councillors at the expense of other councillors when it comes to resource allocation at council.

“One of the issues causing the spat is that he (Clr Nhemarare) failed to deal with issues of corruption, which arose during Obert Muzavazi’s tenure of office as the town clerk. He is said to have failed to investigate cases of corruption that reportedly involved some of his lieutenants. He decided to remain quite to save his lieutenants who played a role in the corrupt activities,” said a source.
Former town clerk, Muzavazi was forced to resign from the MDC-T led council following corruption allegations. He decided to quit office following demonstrations staged by angry residents at his offices. Mr Joshua Maligwa is now Mutare’s town clerk. herald


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