Friday, 1 September 2017


Updates by The Herald
14:13 – Amai Mugabe says she is originally  from Midlands and is a Karanga.
14:14 - She says it doesn’t matter where one comes from but what is important is that we are all Zimbabweans
“I once said what we do in the President’s presence should be the same with what we do in his absence”

14:16 – “We want unity….Midlands I hope you are not involved in factionalism like you have said today but what we hear is a different story . . . unless you’ are saying from this day forth we are united then I may be convinced,” says Dr Mugabe.
14:18 - ”Those fanning factionalism should STOP IT!”

14:19 – “Listen to me because I am  your mother . . . those who scold President Mugabe and his family will not be blessed”
14:20 –  ”VaMugabe avkavaziva Mwari vasati vambove muchibereko cha Amai Jeremiah 1 verse 5. Kutaura kwakashata hakuvake musha (Quarreling is not good for family unity),”

14:22- “If you see bad things happening to you don’t then turn around and say President Mugabe has bewitched me. President Mugabe thought all he wanted to do was to be a teacher but God had a bigger job for him.
14:24 – “That is why we respect you as the President because you tolerate everyone . . . God still wants President Mugabe to lead and he will tell us when he wants to step down.

14:25 - ”You must be loved by all provinces not just one if you want to lead Zimbabwe . . .


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