Tuesday, 15 August 2017


Government is aware of the constant and potential threats that face Zimbabwe and is making sure the country is ready to repel such attacks, Defence Minister Sydney Sekeramayi has said.

Speaking to journalists in Harare yesterday ahead of the Defence Forces Day commemorations today, Minister Sekeramayi commended neighbouring countries, who rebuffed efforts by the British to attack Zimbabwe using their territories.

The Zimbabwe Defence Forces Day main commemorations will be at the National Sports Stadium. “If you look at our country, historically, after a long and bitter liberation struggle, we became independent in 1980, there were remnants of the Rhodesian regime who were trying to destabilise us,” said Minister Sekeramayi.

“However, through the effectiveness of the political leadership under President Mugabe, the effectiveness of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, we have had a situation of peace and tranquillity in the country.”

Minister Sekeramayi said former colonial masters had not forgiven Zimbabwean armed 
forces for the loss during the liberation struggle. “They will always try to undermine our independence,” he said. “So that potential threat is always there. As you know, the British government, under the then Prime Minister Tony Blair, were contemplating invading Zimbabwe.

“They went on to ask for land to attack from. They asked South Africa, Mozambique, and fortunately these brothers of ours rejected the adventure by Tony Blair.”

Minister Sekeramayi said although Zimbabwe was still feeling the effects of sanctions, Government would continue making sure that the country was food secure.

“An attempt was made to make the people go into a state of poverty so that they would revolt against Government,” he said. “Fortunately, that has not happened. We are happy that we are able to grow our food to feed our people. No-one will starve.”

Minister Sekeramayi reiterated President Mugabe’s call for members of the ZDF to work in 
harmony with their counterparts in the Zimbabwe Republic Police.

He said investigations on what transpired when soldiers and the police were engaged in running battles recently in Harare were still underway. “I was asked the same question in Parliament and I did advise that once the joint team established, comprising members of the army and the police, once the team has finished investigations, the results and recommendations would be given to the public,” he said.

Minister Sekeramayi added: “I would want to say the ZRP and the ZDF are, to all intends and purposes, two sides of the same coin. They should cooperate.”

He said there was no room for the animosity between the two entities. herald


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