Sunday, 20 August 2017


A woman has appeared before a Karoi magistrate charged with the murder of her grandson whom she alleged had been sired by her husband. 

The magistrate Mr Sam Chitumwa remanded Susan Madeko (62) of Tanhara Village under Chief Dandawa to August 31, after advising her to apply for bail at the High Court. The prosecutor — Mr Gerald Dhamusi — alleged that on August 10, Madeko allegedly went to her son Divine Rapayi’s homestead fuming over the paternity of Tawanda Rapayi (Divine’s now deceased son).

Madeko, it is alleged, claimed that Divine was not the true father to the minor since the child’s mother — Yvonne Tichareva — was having an extra-marital affair with Divine’s father, Jethro Rapayi.

It is further alleged Madeko also claimed that it was taboo for a daughter-in-law in the Rapayi family to give birth to a male first born child.

On that day, it is believed Madeko and her son later resolved their dispute amicably.
At about 9am on Sunday, Madeko, it is also alleged, approached a Toyota Hiace kombi which was parked at her homestead.

In the kombi was her son Divine and his friend Lameck Matenga, who was holding the child.
The two were charging their cellphones in the vehicle as they prepared to go to a Heroes Day soccer tournament organised by Magunje MP Dr Godfrey Gandawa.

Madeko proceeded to the back of the vehicle shouting “Ndoda ropa rangu!”(I want my blood!) before charging back to the driver’s seat where she snatched the child from Matenga.

The State alleged that Madeko tossed the toddler into the air before knocking him to the ground.

The child bled profusely from the nose and was pronounced dead on arrival at Karoi Hospital, where the parents had rushed him for medical attention. Herald


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