Monday, 14 August 2017


A senior police officer and three accomplices have been arrested for allegedly poaching on a farm belonging to the Minister of Micro-Economic Planning and Investment Promotion Dr Obert Mpofu in Umguza district, Matabeleland North province.

The incident follows a number of poaching and stock theft cases at the Minister’s Mswelangubo Farm.

The suspects allegedly gunned down a beast after mistaking it for an eland and then fled from the scene.

The suspects abandoned the vehicle they were using at the farm and a rifle was also recovered at the scene. The other rifle they were using was recovered at one of the suspects’ house following a search.

One of the suspects is an Assistant Inspector based at Fairbridge Support Unit Camp.
The suspects were identified as Assistant Inspector Brian Nyamudo (36) of Fairbridge Support Unit Camp, Calvin Edwards (27) and Daniel Oliver (66) both of Malindela suburb as well as Leeroy Oliver (32) of Suburbs.
Dr Mpofu confirmed the incident.

He said he suspects the men to be part of a syndicate that has stolen hundreds of cattle and other animals at his farm.

“I have lost hundreds of cattle to rustlers and poachers. Carcasses of livestock are picked up on a daily basis on the farm and my hope is that the rest of the syndicate members will be arrested soon,” said the Minister.

A source said the suspects who were driving a truck, shot and killed a cow and fled from the scene leaving the carcass and the truck behind. Mr Mbuso Mpofu stumbled on the carcass and truck around mid-morning while on patrol.

The matter was reported to the police leading to the arrest of the four suspects. chronicle


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