Friday, 25 August 2017


1547: President Mugabe says it is commendable that it’s not only maize that saw a surge in the yield, but cotton too. However, he says more needs to be done to promote soya bean farming. ZAS patron has implored financial institutions to lower their interest rates which are an inhibition to progress.

“Please, listen to my call,” President Mugabe says to banks.
He has also welcomed miners to the show and urged them to make it a ritual to participate in the exhibition.

“I applaud all of you for this show of unity in organising this year’s event. The success it is, is the success of your efforts and your unity. With that, may I now declared the 107th edition of the Harare Agricultural Show officially opened,”

1544: ”It is absolutely necessary that all stakeholders work together to revitalise the sector. Since the Command Agriculture programme now includes Command Livestock, I urge livestock farmers to embrace the programme and make it a success,”

1538: He has thanked all those who ensured that Zimbabwe attains food sufficiency and urged them to to continue so that the country never lapses to hunger again.
“I understand you have introduced 11-tonne-plus club, that means you are promoting increased maize production. I was very happy to note that the quality of exhibits was very high and that it was far much more than last year’s. I have learnt that over 250 000 are expected to pass through the gates of the Harare Agricultural Show this year, and this is commendable,”

1534: “These are the results of the successful land reform and it’s shaming to the detractors of the land redistribution programme. My Government intervened proactively through Command Agriculture which saw farmers being given implements, seeds, fertilisers and technical expertise. As a result of this strategy, Zimbabwe is expecting a bumper harvest, in excess of a two million metric tonnes,” he says adding that he hopes its not just two million. President Mugabe says the programme has been extended to wheat and other aspects of agriculture.

1532: President Mugabe takes to the podium and starts with salutations.
“I welcome you all to the 107th edition of the Harare Agricultural Show which comes on the background of the most successful agricultural season. This year has seen Zimbabwe ascending to food sufficiency,”


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