Tuesday, 15 August 2017


12:05 - ”IT gives me great pleasure to join the ZDF in celebrating their 37th today. The celebration affords us the opportunity to reflect on our security achievements and superb work that the gallant sons and daughters in the ZDF have achieved since the attainment of our independence,” President Mugabe begins his address. We say congratulations to them.

The secure environment we have enjoyed as a country has not been a walk in the park for the ZDF. While our detractors continue to work round the clock to frustrate our development, the ZDF has always been alert to these manoeuvres.

The ZDF has always resolutely defended our territorial integrity. Together with other arms of security, they have ensued that peace peace prevails all the time.

12:07 - President Mugabe says the ZDF together with the ZRP have managed to curb smuggling of contraband and also protected mining fields. The ZDF corps of engineers conducted the defining operations on the south-eastern Mozambique border in the Dumsa and Gwaivhi areas.

12:10 - President Mugabe says these are bombs planted by the colonialists and are dangerous because they detonate when one steps on them (regardless of how long they have been planted) adding that what makes it worse is that it is not known where exactly they were planted.
The ZDF, in de-mining the country borders of anti-personnel landmines, received invaluable assistance from two NGOs, the HALO Trust and the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA)
President Mugabe thanks the two countries for rendering assistance in this regard.

12:15 - ”While the HALO Trust is working on the Mukumbura, Rushinga area, the NPA is working in the Cecil and Forces border area. And they have registered significant progress.
“Zimbabwe as a state party to the Ottawa Convention on the Prohibition of the Anti Personnel Landmines is expected to comply with the 2025 deadline of clearing all mined areas.
12:18 -”To meet the deadline, the Ministry of Defence recently enlisted the services of two more international de-mining NGOs which are expected to start before the end of 2017. The two NGOs are Mines Advisory Organisation and Apopo.

12:20 – “The ZDF has always honoured it’s obligation of providing military and to civil communities.
“One case in point is Murongwe Primary school which I officially handed over in the Dande Community. The school was transformed from the pole and dagga (structures that it was)

12:21 – “The ZDF also carried out other projects which Dr Sekeramayi has already highlighted,” says President Mugabe.
12: 23- “During their annual ZDF community assistance week this August, the Ministry of Defence handed classroom blocks in Himago Secondary School and also in Dzivarasekwa (Harare).

12:25 – “During the cyclone Dineo induced floods, the ZDF deployed health personnel and helicopters to rescue Marooned villagers in Tsholotsho, Zvimba, Gokwe, Mt Darwin, Masvingo and Gwanda areas.
“In 2015 and 2016, the ZDF were also very active in the movement of drought relief maize to the needy areas through out the country. Without the involvement of the ZDF, we would not have managed.

12:26 -” On the international scene, the ZDF continues to deploy officers to regional and international peace support operations under the auspices of the SADC, AU, and UN. As such, six defence forces officers are currently deployed in Ethiopia, Somalia and Sudan
12:29 – “There is a contingent of ZDF members currently deployed in Tanzania, participating in a SADC Special forces Exercise, code named Exercise Matumbamwe taking place from 1 to 31 August 2017.

12:30 -”In an effort to improve conditions of service of the ZDF, Government has provided staff with vehicles and other equipment. However, a lot more needs to be done on medical support, housing, salaries and allowances,
12:32 – President Mugabe says he hopes as the economy improves, salaries of the ZDF members will be considered and increased.
“It is also strongly recommended that the housing projects in Dzivarasekwa, Khumalo and Zimbabwe Military Academy aimed at improving the housing provision for the ZDF, should be resuscitated.
“President Mugabe has congratulated the Defence Forces on their 37th anniversary of their celebrations adding that Zimbabweans owe it to the force.

12: 34 - He has also commended the force for the ‘immaculate organisation of the event.
President Mugabe Mugabe has also congratulated the Defence Forces for having their college (Zimbabwe National Defence College in Mazowe) upgraded to a university status and has encouraged members of the force to take up courses being offered there. He has also congratulated Dr Chiwenga on the attainment of his PHD.
President Mugabe has concluded his remarks


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