Thursday, 10 August 2017


Acting President Emmerson Mnangagwa has donated R10 000 towards the treatment of eight-year-old Bridgette Mandimutsira, who is suffering from a rare skin cancer that has affected her eyesight and hearing.

The Acting President met with Bridgette, who has been seeking treatment in South Africa and her mother Ms Benedict Makumbe at the Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs offices yesterday.

“I was touched when I saw her on TV seeking assistance to go and receive treatment in South Africa and I said to the Permanent Secretary (Mrs Virginia Mabiza) that I also want to contribute towards her treatment and I managed to source the R10 000 that was needed,” he said.

Ms Makumbe expressed gratitude to the Acting President for his gesture.
“I want to thank the Acting President for the love and compassion he has shown towards my child,” she said. “Bridgette is a strong girl despite the suffering she has gone through as a result of the cancer.

“My prayer is that she recovers and be happy like any other kid. I hope God will bless you for your generosity.”

Bridgette was pencilled to go for an operation in South Africa last week, but has since been referred to St Thomas Hospital in the United Kingdom by her doctors in South Africa.
Ms Makumbe is now appealing for $30 000 from well-wishers to enable her travel to the UK for treatment.

Donations can be sent through EcoCash on 0774 327 867 or deposited into Steward Bank account 100220632. Herald


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