Wednesday, 2 August 2017


LOCAL Government deputy minister Christopher Chingosho has threatened to sue Zanu PF Manicaland provincial youth leader Mubuso Chinguno for allegedly accusing him of bribing the ruling party’s youths with beer to push for Samuel Undenge’s ouster as provincial chairman.

This follows an ugly scene which occurred two weeks ago during a Zanu PF inter-district meeting, where rowdy youths demanded fresh elections for the chairperson, claiming Undenge had been imposed on the provincial executive.

Addressing journalists after the meeting, Chinguno claimed Chingosho had bribed the youths with beer to cause disunity in the province.

But Chingosho yesterday challenged Chinguno to prove his claims or face legal action. “He just wants to tarnish my image and I want him to prove that I paid the youths and bought them beer or else I am going to sue him,” he said.

“It’s now too much, I don’t know why he is always attacking me. “I am not going to force him to apologise if he doesn’t want.

“I am very serious on this matter, because these people he is saying I paid are mature people.”

Chingosho insisted that the province required substantive leaders, saying co-opted provincial executives like Undenge, Chinguno and women’s league boss Estere Mlambo Madhuku were destabilising the party.

Contacted for comment, Chinguno said he would not lose sleep over Chingosho’s threat to sue. “We know Chingosho is driving a certain factional agenda,” he hit back.

“His head is now glued on (Team) Lacoste and we know he wants to destabilise the party by putting people who drive his agenda.

“On the issue of him suing me, I am not intimidated. I am ready to rot in jail, so I am saying to him go on, bring it on and we will see from there.”

This is not the first time Chingosho has publicly clashed with Zanu PF youths.

Early this year at a provincial co-ordinating committee meeting, Chingosho was manhandled and publicly humiliated by scores of youths, who accused him of fuelling divisions in the province. newsday


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