Wednesday, 30 August 2017


Updates by The Herald
1532: “The establishment of the ministry of War Veterans and also the inclusion of the post of Secretary for War Veterans Affairs in the Politburo is a sign that President Mugabe is committed to improving the life and welfare of the fighters.”

1527: Speaking on next year’s harmonised, Dr Chombo has encouraged party supporters to go and register in their numbers to vote. He has paid tribute to the tripartite arrangement forged by the Women’s League, Youth League and war veterans saying the party is confident it will have the desired results. He praised President Mugabe for establishing a whole portfolio that looks into the affairs of the veterans of the struggle.

1519:“As a party we have heard your pleas that noone expelled from the party should lead an affiliate of Zanu-PF,”
Dr Chombo says says there are elements who pretend to support President Mugabe yet they speak ill of the First Lady adding that it’s impossible for one to claim to support President Mugabe leaving out Amai Mugabe.

1508: Dr Chombo  thanks the multitudes gathered here for making time to come despite short notice adding that he understands there were some elements who were then trying to confuse party members by peddling falsehoods that the meeting has been cancelled.  He says since he was just invited to come and listen, and take the message to the President and First Lady, as such, he doesn’t want to say much. However, he says he heard the message and is going to deliver it as is.  Dr Chombo says it is a good thing that war veterans have come out in support of President Mugabe and the First Lady.

1451: Dr Ignatius Chombo is the guest of honour.
1448:  Cde Chipanga now giving solidarity remarks and says as youths, they are always ready to be counted as long as it’s about the First Family.
He has assured War Veterans and Women’s League that they will always cooperate with them adding that to youths, there is only one mother and that is Amai Mugabe. There is also one father, who is President Mugabe. The rest are not our mothers, but anaMainini. To men, they are not our fathers, but anaBabamnini,”

1445: “To those who dream of themselves in power, it is because you decided to go and look for friends outside your own home. But let me tell you, as women, we are saying, come 2018, President Mugabe in office.”
1440:  Mai Undenge says as women, they are touched by the amount of venom directed at the First Lady.
“President Mugabe decided to marry this young beautiful woman whose name is Grace. They wedded and are happy together.

“We love Amai because she takes care of our father. President Mugabe is very smart and intelligent. This is because there is Dr Grace Mugabe who is taking care of him. We feel the pain when Amai Mugabe is denigrated.”

1437: Cde Letina Undenge to give solidarity message on behalf of Women’s League.
1435: Cde Chimene says those who are making noise on behalf of others must not fool themselves into thinking that noone will make noise for President Mugabe.
“I am here and willing to make the noise for the President. ”
As Cde Mandi Chimene winds up her remarks, Cde Mlala requests Dr Sekeramayi and Cde Muchinguri, who have just arrived, to chant slogans.

 1429: Cde Mandi Chimene says Zanu-PF supporters stand with whoever the President works with.
“Vanokuimbira uchisvika panapa vanhu veZanu-PF but kana zvaoma vanokusiya. Ask Joice Mujuru. Anyway, we are here to say Amai, don’t tire. Amai, don’t be moved. We don’t want to stand aloof while our mother is being denigrated.”

1423: She has urged party cadres who are aspiring to take over from President Mugabe to slow down because the time has not yet come.
“I once said it here, kuti zvinhu izvi tirikuzviregerera. Zvichatinetsa,” she says.
“I know, they will talk and say I am not the chairperson but I say to you, it doesn’t matter who the chairman is. What matters is who is doing the job. I am here at our offices but can the so called chairman come and address a gathering here,” she says to which the crowd bellows, “you are the chair!”
1412: Cde Chimene is now delivering solidarity message and says he is aware people think she smokes highest grade of dagga.

1408: Cde Mlala has assured President Mugabe and Amai Mugabe that genuine war veterans are solidly behind the First Family and appealed to party leadership to consider membership status of those comrades who continue to attend meetings which denigrate the First Family.
1402: Cde Mlala is now introducing Politburo members here present. Cde Mlala says they organised this solidarity march in support of Amai Mugabe who is constantly ridiculed by some War Veterans on social media and in the newspapers.
“We have seen T-shirts inscribed messages despising the First Lady,”
Cde Mlala says as War Veterans, they have noted with concern continued denigration of President Mugabe by a section of War Veterans led by Christopher Mutsvangwa.
He says war veterans passed a vote of no confidence on the leadership of Mr Mutsvangwa but sadly, the courts ruled that he remains the leader even though President Mugabe had implored liberation war fighters to go for elections and choose new leadership.

1342:  The Director of Ceremonies is Cde George Mlala and he just announced that the guest of honour is still making way to to the venue.  Cde Patrick Nyaruwata makes a slogan on behalf of War Veterans. ZILIWACO and ZIPEDRA as well as ZANU-PF youth league leaders make slogans. Zanu PF Secretary for Administration Dr Ignatius Chombo and National Political Commissar Cde Saviour Kasukuwere as well Dr Chris Mushohwe, the 
Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services have also arrived.

1321: The VIP table has been occupied by senior party members who include Secretary for Youth Affairs in the Politburo, Cde Kudzanayi Chipanga, Manicaland Provincial Affairs Minister, Cde Mandi Chimene and Zanu PF Manicaland provincial chairperson Dr Samuel Undenge.  Other figures occupying high table are Cdes Nyasha Chikwinya, Mabel Chinomona, Youth League national executive members who include Innocent Hamandishe.  Cde Chinomona leads the gathering in singing the national anthem.
 1304: Thousands of party supporters are now gathered at Zanu-PF headquarters where solidarity messages are to be delivered.


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