Thursday, 27 July 2017


A suspected habitual thief paid a painful price for his ‘sticky fingers’ when he was beaten to a bloody pulp for stealing.

Two weeks ago, 30-year-old Plumtree born Alfred Moyo was caught apparently carrying out a home robbery at Shamrock Farms, located on the outskirts of Francistown.

It appears Moyo was about to make off with gadgets worth around P55, 000, including a laptop, camera and binoculars, when he was rumbled by the home’s furious owner, Johannes Jacobus.

An unimpressed Jacobus and his farm workers are said to have beaten Moyo so badly he fainted, only regaining consciousness in hospital.

A fortnight later and Moyo is wheelchair bound and claims to be in agony. Appearing before Francistown Magistrate Ishmael Molobe last Thursday, the accused thief, who was not required to enter a plea, was quick to highlight his plight.

“I am not well. I need a few more days to recover – my Worship I’m in great pain! With the pain I’m experiencing, I cannot say anything at the moment. I don’t object to being remanded, I need a few more days to recover,” Moyo said, before he duly got his wish and was remanded in custody.

Moyo’s woes look set to continue as the prosecution indicated they would be levelling further criminal charges against him at the next mention.

After the hearing, sources told The Voice that the ailing accused has been terrorising farmers and causing havoc in Monarch farms and those on the northern outskirts of Francistown.

“On the night, he was caught by the farm workers and other people living in the compound. They beat him badly. He nearly died. The police took him straight to Nyangabgwe hospital where he has been admitted ever since,” claimed the source.  Voice


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