Friday, 28 July 2017


A PLUMTREE woman has dragged her husband’s abusive mistress to court for violating a peace order that was granted against her.

Ms Ruvarashe Shava was in February granted a peace order at the Plumtree magistrate’s court prohibiting her husband’s lover Nomalanga Sithole against insulting, assaulting or intimidating her.

Ms Shava told Plumtree magistrate, Mr Joshua Mawere, that Sithole recently assaulted her in violation of the court order.

The magistrate said she will deliver a ruling on the matter on Monday.

“Sithole is a violent woman, she used to come to my house and would insult me and assault me up until I applied for a peace order which was granted on 20 February. On 11 July she breached the peace order as she assaulted me.

“She found me with my husband Mr Jerry Gutu at a supermarket in Plumtree and she followed us to our car. She started insulting me saying she was pregnant with my husband’s child. She further slapped and punched me several times and I was forced to fight back in order to defend myself,” said Ms Shava.

In response, Sithole denied violating the peace order and said Ms Shava attacked her first. She said Ms Shava punched her several times and she was forced to retaliate.

Sithole said she was still having an affair with Mr Gutu. Mr Gutu, who testified in court, however said he ended the affair with Sithole last month.

He said he had last spoken to Sithole three days before the incident. Mr Gutu said on the day in question, Sithole attacked his wife first.

In February, Ms Shava told the court that Sithole was constantly texting her ordering her to move out of her matrimonial home to create space for her.

She said Sithole would tell her that she was in love with Mr Gutu and she was going to replace her at her matrimonial home.

Ms Shava said at one time, Sithole came to her house and started pelting her with stones. chronicle


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