Thursday, 27 July 2017


MPs have refused to endorse the appointment of Mike Ndudzo as the new Auditor General.
Many said Ndudzo did not have a good track record in business as many firms he had been a director of were struggling. They said he was not the best person for the job. 

Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa refuted reports that Midlred Chiri had been sacked as the Auditor General.

He said Chiri was appointed Auditor General in 2004 and her 12 year term ended in February 2016. He sought advice under new Constitution and offered her another term. But 
she declined the offer.

“I asked her to continue until I find a replacement, and she continued to February this year. I recently had a two hour meeting trying to convince her to stay, she agreed but later texted me rejecting the offer.”

“I am to blame because I slept on the job in looking for a replacement


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