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the wife
THE story of a man who was shot in Emganwini suburb in Bulawayo last week, in an alleged robbery attempt has taken a new and dramatic twist, with the assailant, an umalayitsha cum-businessman being accused of having an illicit affair with his wife.

Sunday News can reveal that the man in question is former Siyaya Arts group member Tawanda “MaPecca” Moyo (43), who has since demanded that his wife must not visit him in hospital, following the confrontation, leading to the shooting. Moyo is admitted at Mpilo Central Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit. Moyo was shot and left with a bullet lodged in his abdomen, after confronting his wife and the alleged lover, in the incident that occurred last Tuesday night.

Local artistes have since launched a campaign to raise funds to assist him and have also sought the services of a lawyer to represent him. Narrating the series of events leading to the dramatic shooting, Moyo alleged he was shot in the name of love.

He said on the night in question, he trailed his wife Mrs Jacqueline Chesigelenaso (Banda) Moyo, whose age was not given, from work in the city centre, where she met with her alleged lover Mr Oricious Moyo (38), who is also her employer at a fast food outlet, in Emakhandeni suburb, where they then drove to his house in Emganwini.

“I always suspected that my wife was having an affair but I just wasn’t sure with whom,” said Moyo. He said on Monday he then decided to tail his wife, seeking to unmask her alleged lover.

“On Monday I tried to tail her but lost her along the way. It was then on Tuesday that fate would have it that I came face to face with the man I believed to be just her employer. She got off work between 9.30pm and 10pm and got a ride from one of her workmates husband’s car. They dropped her off at 6th Avenue, where I then assumed she would catch a kombi home to Gwabalanda but no, she got into a Cowdray Park suburb bound kombi.

“She dropped off in Emakhandeni near the cricket club and got into a small vehicle . . . a Vista. I, in the company of a friend in a vehicle we had hired to tail them, then followed the car to Emganwini, where I was shot,” said Moyo.

He said once the vehicle in which his wife and alleged lover drew to a stop by the house, he asked his friends to park at a safe location and would confront them himself.

“I don’t want to lie, I was agitated and my nerves were wrecking me. I needed some sort of closure and this was it. I walked up to the car on the passenger side, where my wife was seated. I knocked on the window, which she didn’t open, then I decided to open the rear passenger door. There I then asked him (Oricious) what he was doing with my wife. I turned the question to my wife as well and they were both mum.

“Needing closure I knelt on the ground to ask them what was going on and that is the precise moment he turned the ignition of the car on and shifted the gear . . . I can’t remember to what level but I remember grabbing the door and clinging on it, as they tried to drive off. After that all I remember is hearing a loud crack and a sharp pain in my abdomen, before I fell to the ground. They then sped off and left me for dead,” said Moyo.

He said he then started crying for help and a man from one of the nearby houses came out.

“I was losing blood and could feel I was losing consciousness. I remember him talking on the phone saying that I was lying on the ground but was alive.

After a while Oricious then returned with the police, who also started asking me questions. He told them that I had tried to rob him, but I am shocked at those allegations. An ambulance then came and ferried me to hospital, where I woke up to find myself in hospital in the ICU under police guard,” said Moyo.

Moyo’s family speaking through their spokesperson Mr Roderick Pedzisai Moyo, said they had been aware that his wife was seeing another man, as she had been spotted on countless times at different spots.

“There was a time she was spotted with Oricious at a city braai spot and she panicked and left in a huff. We have tried to reach out to her as a family to find out what’s going on but she has been shutting us out. We asked her where she was when her husband was shot and said she was home. What is funny is that she claims to have been home the whole day yet she was at work and people saw her there,” said Roderick.

He said concerning the request by her husband that she does not visit him in hospital was entirely on his own cognisance.

“She came to the hospital and was acting dramatic demanding that some people not visit him. That is when she told hospital staff and some other relatives that he didn’t want her anywhere near him. She is the writer of her own fate and should not blame anyone for her short comings,” said Roderick.

Contacted for comment Mrs Chesigelenaso (Banda) Moyo accused the media of trying to ruin her life and marriage.

“How could you make me wait outside the hospital, had I known it was you people in there I would have made a scene. You have no right in talking to my husband. You left him in a critical condition, I don’t know what you were telling him there but whatever happens is all on you,” she fumed.

Asked about her whereabouts on the night in question, she declined to comment. In a story published by the Chronicle, Moyo was accused of trying to rob Oricious with the aide of two accomplices. His lawyer, Mr Zibusiso Ncube of Ncube and Partners in a report confirmed that his client shot Moyo, after he had attempted to rob him.

“Yes I can confirm that my client was attacked by three robbers who pounced on him demanding cash. In defence, he shot one of them. As they attacked him, he managed to lock the door to his car but the two who later escaped continued to bang the door, ordering him to open it. One of the three men jumped onto the passenger seat which my client had failed to lock and demanded cash. He tried to drive off but because of the continued scuffle, he drew a gun and shot the robber who was in the car,” said Mr Ncube.

The lawyer said he could not comment on allegations that the shooting could have been triggered by a matter concerning adultery allegations against one of the men involved in the incident.

“Concerning the other side of the story on adultery, I am not aware of that part, maybe it has since emerged as investigations proceed. I cannot refute nor confirm that,” said Mr Ncube.

He said he was not sure if the alleged robbers had been armed or not.

“I would not want to say much as the issue is still under investigation and we may jeopardise investigations,” said Mr Ncube.

Bulawayo police said investigations were underway.

“I can confirm that a man was shot in an attempt to allegedly rob a motorist. He was shot once in the ribs and is admitted in hospital where he is receiving treatment under police guard,” said Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango last week. Sunday news


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