Sunday, 30 July 2017


EFF leader Julius Malema was at his firebrand best at the party’s fourth birthday celebration in Durban on Saturday afternoon‚ touching on controversial issues of land redistribution and recent black hairstyle and racist private school controversies.

For him‚ any schools guilty of racist tendencies needed to have action taken against them.
"All private schools with white people in them are racist. Why are these people so obsessed with our hair? We never talk to them about their fluffy hair but they attack our children.

"Such schools must be closed down through mass action. Any schools that discriminate against children on the basis of their hair and the colour of their skin must be shut down‚" he said.

Malema then took aim at allegations of racism within the Indian community in KwaZulu-Natal.

"Indians mistreat our people and don’t pay our people properly. This must come to an end‚ and we want a minimum wage. I have been going around here and our people are crying about how Indians treat them as sub-human‚ and the ANC has allowed that nonsense because it is captured.

"Political parties in this province are in the pockets of Indian families‚" he said.
He added: "If you are Indian and you pay people well and respect your fellow human beings‚ don’t worry. If not‚ you must know that you are no friend of ours. We do not want our people exploited."

He said that the EFF would continue to champion the cause of the working classes and fight against oppression.

"When we say we are fighting for black people it doesn’t mean we hate white people; we are merely fighting for those who are oppressed. Everywhere you look a black person is oppressed...even Oprah Winfrey and Beyoncé‚" he said. "This organisation will forever lead the working class because it is the only one that is listening to their demands."

At least 6‚000 people turned out at Curries Fountain for the birthday bash. Times


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