Saturday, 29 July 2017


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President Mugabe is in his home province of Mashonaland Central today where he is due to address another massive crowd of Zanu-PF supporters, mainly youths in the fifth leg of the nationwide Presidential Youth Interface Rallies being organized by the revolutionary party’s Youth League. The historical event takes place at Chinhoyi University of Technology (CUT) 
campus grounds. The Herald takes you through the proceedings, live from CUT, Chinhoyi.

12:49 - President Mugabe has arrived at the venue and the crowd thunders in cheers. As he moves in the midst of the thousands gathered here, he waves his trademark clenched fist while the song Jongwe accompanies.

13:04 - As the first secretary of the ruling party moves to take his seat, senior party officials seated in the VVIP tent rise to welcome him.

13:07 - National Anthem being sung to mark the beginning of official proceedings here in Chinhoyi

13:11 - Director of Ceremonies, Youth League Political Commissar, Cde Innocent Hamandishe invites Mashonaland West Youth Chair, Cde Rupiya to introduce those who worked with him in organising today’s rally.

13:20 - Cde Hamandishe requests Ministers Professor Jonathan Moyo and Patrick Zhuwao to make slogans. Cde Zhuwao denounces those who are firing young people from work.

Cde Hamandishe says there are officials who want to fire youth officers and appeals to President Mugabe to protect young people.

13:24 - Secretary for Youth Affairs, Cde Kudzanai Chipanga introduces Politburo members before asking Secretary for Administration, Dr Chombo to make a slogan on their behalf.
13:28 - Cde Chipanga has requested the two Vice Presidents to make slogans as a way of greeting party supporters congregated here.

13:37 - Secretary for Youth affairs takes to the podium to give his remarks. He starts with salutations recognising the presence of various dignitaries. He says the thousands gathered here are intent on meeting President Mugabe and the First Lady.

“This is our fifth interface rally Mr President and numbers keep on rising adding that Harare will be the last to host,” says Cde Chipanga.
13:50 – Cde Chipanga appeals to President Mugabe to craft special input programs for the youths. The Secretary for Youth Affairs says the youth wing stands guided by the First Lady and as such they are sternly opposed to factionalism.

13:55 - Youths have called for the renaming of Harare International Airport after President Robert Mugabe adding that if their request is not met, those in charge must not bother attending next year’s 21st February Movement to be held in Nyanga, Manicaland.

13:59 - Cde Chipanga says as youths, they have also been calling for a holiday to honour and recognise the birth of President Mugabe but up to today, nothing has been done. He says those in charge of declaring holidays, if they do not meet young people’s requests, they must not bother travelling to Nyanga too.

14:02 - Recalling the biblical story if Adonijah which Amai Mugabe recently made reference to, Cde Chipanga tells another story. He narrates the story about a donkey which was used by Jesus Christ and ended up celebrating thinking it too was loved by the people.

14:07 - ”It never occured to the donkey that it was carrying Jesus. It just got excited. When it went back to where it stayed, it felt people there did not like it. It therefore traveled back alone and got the shock of its life as the people there chased it way, beating it up.”


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