Saturday, 29 July 2017


14:09 – First lady takes to the podium to make her remarks. “Today, I do not have much to say, but I want tell people the truth. All of us are serving at the pleasure of the President.”

Amai Mugabe says there are three people who are serving as President Mugabe’s assistants. Those are herself, Vice Presidents Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Report Mphoko.

14:13- Amai Mugabe says there is a lot going on in the party adding that it doesn’t matter how many years one has walked with President Mugabe but what matters is what one does behind his back.

Mugabe says she is a mother and will always offer counsel as a mother. She says at one time, she received a call asking her to join in street marches to remove Vice President Mnangagwa and ‘I told him (VP Mnangagwa). I felt that participating in such marches is an insult to the President. If anyone feels they are not happy with what is being done by the a person appointed by the President, just like the Vice Presidents, they must approach the President.
14:17 - She tells the crowd of the developments leading to the sacking of Cdes Sandi Moyo and Sarah Mahoka.

“Let me tell you. We could not cause her expulsion from the ministerial post. Up to today, she remains Minister of State for Bulawayo Provincial Affairs.”

“This is where I am driving at. When we held our demonstrations as the Women’s League, some people grabbed the opportunity to organise their own demonstrations against against National Political Commissar Kasukuwere.

14:18 - ”They accused him and his brothers of trying to topple President Mugabe. I want to ask you, do you think these three can succeed?” She says asking Cde Kasukuwere and his young brother, Tongai to rise.
14:22 - ”Kamukomana aka . . . ,” she says pointing at the Minister . . .  ”remove a man like the President?”
14:24 - Amai Mugabe says time has come for the truth to be said adding that even the media is being used to malign Cde Kasukuwere and Professor Jonathan Moyo.
14:26 - ”Everyday we read about Kasukuwere. If its not him, then its Professor Moyo. People have gone to the extent of coming up with non-existent corruption cases.

14:27 - The First Lady has called on the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Media, Information and Broadcasting Services Mr George Charamba to come forward. She describes him as a prolific writer and academic adding that she respects him for that.

“I respect  you as a prolific writer, I knew you when you were still not what you are and when I was not yet what I am. You are the Presidential Spokesperson and what we don’t want is to see articles in the newspapers targeted at particular individuals. George iwe uripasi pema minister, hauna right yekupindurana nema minister. Kana vataura newe, go to the President and tell him.”


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