Wednesday, 17 May 2017


A Zimbabwean woman,  Valerie Madobdo lived six years of her life in horror after she was sold to a couple of Nigerian men.

Valerie was only 22 years old when she crossed the South African border in 2010, in search of work. She was hoping to earn some money to provide for her little sons.

The Zimbabwean immigrant was sold to Nigerian men by some South African women in Rosettenville after which she was drugged, held hostage and abused endlessly while being forced into prostitution.

Narrating her ordeal, Valerie said:

“I came here looking for a job and worked in Pretoria for a while. I trusted some women who said they had a job interview for me. Little did I know that I was being sold to Nigerians for money.

I was drugged and abused. I didn’t know where I was and I was often locked up like a hostage. I was raped and I didn’t have any choices in my life while I was a prisoner under these Nigerian monsters. And yes, I tried to escape many times from the Rosettenville area, but I was on so many different drugs that the men would eventually find me as I would not make it very far. I could not escape.”

Left homeless and penniless because everything she made was taken away from her, Valerie still forged ahead. She said:

“At one point I was arrested. It was around 2014. I was arrested for selling drugs, drugs that I was very much hooked on and craved more than anything else because it was forced into my system. I watched as my kidnappers bailed me out and bribed the police to have me released. I feared all Nigerians and I still do when I see one.”

Valerie was rescued after the Moffat View police went on a raid in Rosettenville on November 28, 2016. She was taken to a rehab center, the REC Wellness Centre in Robertsham (Recovery Life Institute)..

She was found to be HIV-positive, even though the center said she's doing very well now that she's under their care.

"We took Valerie in and since then she has never gone far off or left the premises. She has had no relapse and she has been doing well in dealing with all the problems she now faces."


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