Monday, 15 May 2017


 A polygamous teacher at Makomborero Secondary School in Gutu is seeking a peace order against his third wife who bars him from sleeping with his other two wives.

He claimed in court that his third wife harasses and assaults him at his work place.
Isaac Mangoma took Melody Kondongwa to Murambinda Magistrate Court after he was assaulted at his homestead in Buhera in Mavhuka Village under chief Nyashanu.

Mangoma who has three wives says when the turn comes for him to sleep with the other wives Kondongwa assaults and bars him from doing so. Appearing before Murambinda Magistrate, Dennis Mangosi, Mangoma said that he was tired of the assaults and harassments.

His wife allegedly assaulted him again on Monday this week. "When it's another wife's turn to be in the bedroom with me she refuses to leave and assaults me", said Mangoma.
He also said that her wife broke kitchen utensils when she got angry.

Kondongwa was given a protection order which barred her from physically assaulting or insulting Mangoma, visiting and harassing him at his work place and destroying matrimonial property. masvingo mirror


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