Tuesday, 21 March 2017


MABVUKU-Tafara MP James Maridadi (MDC-T) on Thursday alleged that a company importing dishes from China was involved in corrupt activities where dishes were cleared at the border for a song and sold at a very high price in Harare, thus prejudicing the country of millions.

Maridadi raised the issue of corruption by the Chinese company identified as Yufan Import and Export Trade Company operating in the country while contributing to debate on a motion on the Presidential speech in the National Assembly.

“There are people operating in this economy that are not following the regulations stipulated by this government, and what I have here are two dishes imported into this country by a company that I am investigating,” he said.

“When the small dishes come through the border they are cleared at $0,02, and the big ones cleared at $0,04 which is the duty they pay. I went to buy the dishes at a shop and the small dish costs $6, while the big dishes cost $13 each, and they are imported from China.”

Maridadi also said transistor radios were declared at $1,20 at the border prejudicing the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra), while the same radios were sold at $14 once they entered Zimbabwe.

The MDC-T MP added that when kilting kits for manufacture of blankets come to Zimbabwe they were declared at $0,40, but were sold at $3 to make a profit yet the material should be declared at $2, 93 when it was imported into Zimbabwe.

“This Chinese company would not be able to do this if it was not protected by senior people in government. I have a document that can show you what is being imported into this country. The Chinese firm I am talking about is called Yufan Import and Export Trade Company. This company does not have a bank account, and I wonder how they are able to pay for these things in China if they do not go through the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ). I do not know how they do it because they do not go through the RBZ,” Maridadi said.

Maridadi said since they did not have a bank account, it mean they did not pay corporate tax.
“They do not allow buyers to swipe, and if you are buying using bond notes, the big dishes cost $16, and $12 is US$,” he said.

The opposition MP said when he calculated the amount lost by Zimra, he found for a 40 foot container Zimra was paid $4 000 when in actual fact it was supposed to get $49 970.
He said while companies like National Blankets are struggling and Kango has closed, the Chinese operating into the country were smuggling and getting away with it. Newsday


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