Wednesday, 2 November 2016


A MAN from Bulawayo who was yesterday taken to the Maintenance Court by his ex–wife left the court relieved after a magistrate accepted that he could send his daughter to a less expensive government school rather than Petra Primary School preferred by the mother of his child.

Ms Anita Sibanda (24) from Matsheumhlophe suburb – who was said to be a Nust student – dragged her ex-husband Charles Makore (29), a Pretoria Portland Cement (PPC) employee, to court saying she had heard that he had secured a better paying job.

Ms Sibanda said she was seeking a maintenance variation order from $90 to $460.
She said she had secured a place for their five-year-old child at Petra Primary School and was supposed to deposit $145 into the school`s account by Friday.

“I heard that Makore got a new job that is better paying than last time when the court granted me $90 for maintenance. By then he was working at Bellevue Spar but now he works at PPC. Our child is going for Grade One next year and l need money to pay school fees for her,” said Ms Sibanda.

In response, Makore said he cannot afford $460 and maintenance was the responsibility of both parents.

“Your Worship, Anita is just a student and all she thinks about is looking for a place for our child at a private school. She is supposed to learn to live within her means,” he said.

“I love my daughter and l have secured a place for her at a government school where l know l can afford her school needs. The problem about the mother of my child is that she just wants to milk money from me.”

Makore said Ms Sibanda was supposed to contact him before running to court for an upward variation as he had already secured a place at a government primary school.
He said he was willing to pay $130 per month for the upkeep of their child and cover all other related school requirements.

Bulawayo Maintenance magistrate Mr Manasa Musiiwa ordered Makore to pay $130 for the upkeep of their child and pay school fees as well as provide all the school requirements. Chronicle


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