Wednesday, 16 November 2016


A Harare man has been granted a peace order against his abusive wife who recently injured him in an attack with a stick after he asked her where she had spent the previous night. 
Civil court magistrate Ms Yeukai Dzuda granted the order to Charles Nyamutenha who also told the court that Alice Sekiwa had denied him his conjugal rights for the past five months.
The court heard that Sekiwa was a bully and abusive to her husband whom she threatened to kill on a number of occasions.

“Your worship, I am seeking a peace order against this woman who is also my wife.
“She has been denying me my conjugal rights for the past five months and on one occasion which has led me to seek the help of this court, she did not sleep at home.
“I confronted her about it and she beat me up with a stick like a kid and injured my arm, prompting me to leave my own house and seek refuge at my mother’s,” said Nyamutenha.

In her defence, Sekiwa denied ever assaulting her husband, claiming that he got injured when they fought and that she had only acted in self- defence.

“Your Worship, I never assaulted my husband but he is working in cahoots with another woman to chase me out of the house that we built together.

“I never chased him out of our matrimonial home but his mother came to take him and told 
me that she had found another wife for her son and that I was supposed to leave the house and create room for the other woman.”

Ms Dzuda however, granted the peace order against her and warned Sekiwa against perpetrating domestic violence. herald


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