Monday, 21 November 2016


THE Minister of Defence Cde Sydney Sekeramayi has said his Ministry is working on aligning the Defence Act with the constitution and clarified that the ongoing recruitment exercise in the armed forces is only meant to maintain the current establishment.

Cde Sekeramayi said the recruitments were not adding anything to the establishment as numbers were not constant due to deaths, retirement and ill health.

Responding to a question from Senator James Makore (MDC) who had asked why the Government was recruiting while struggling to pay civil servants on time, the Minister said:
“Every country has soldiers; they are just as good as the generality of the people in that they are young, middle aged and those who are old. The old ones will retire, there will be recruitment to replace those who would have retired.

There are those who fall ill to the extent that they will no longer be able to perform their duty as soldiers.

“It is good practice to recruit so that we maintain the strength of our army. There are also those who pass on. Therefore, we have such factors to contend with. At the moment, since we are in a time of peace, there is no conflict, we are maintaining the same levels. We are not adding anything to our current establishment.”

Cde Sekeramayi said recruitment advertisements are flighted in the press province by province to ensure that the army is made up of everyone from each geographical location of the country.

“In remote areas as you say, we try and endeavour that we broadcast on radio stations as well so as to inform them that there will be recruitment taking place. No place in our country should be disadvantaged by not having soldiers recruited in our army,” he said.

“The recruitment which is happening in each province is being done to ensure that we maintain the establishment that we currently have in line with our economy and the size of our country; we are maintaining the status quo.”

Senator Morgan Komichi asked Cde Sekeramayi if they were going to align the Defence Act with the Constitution.

“As a law abiding force, yes, we are aligning the Defence Act with the Constitution. That is how it should be,” responded Cde Sekeramayi. Herald


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