Saturday, 26 November 2016


LEGISLATORS are tired of making laws that are not being implemented, Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Women Affairs chairperson, Biata Nyamupinga has said.

Speaking at a Gender Commission stakeholders’ conference in Harare yesterday, which coincided with beginning of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, Nyamupinga said MPs go through a hard time crafting laws, especially those that protect minors, but were frustrated that these were not being implemented.

“The coming in of the Gender Commission is actually shaking this country be it government, private sector, even at the home set-up, because it will change things if it does its work accordingly,” she said.

“We struggled to have laws that protect vulnerable people, especially women. As parliamentarians, we are tired of passing laws that are not being implemented. Please, let us implement these laws that we have enacted. It is taking us nowhere to continue making laws that are not being implemented.

“I will not hesitate to mention that we want to see the Gender Commission do its work. We don’t want to see it being compromised in any way,” she said. Nyamupinga said the commission should be financed by the government.

“It needs resources in order for it to carry out its mandate. Without money there is nothing that they can do,” she said.

“So, during the budget presentation by the Finance minister, we are really going to make noise and make sure that the Gender Commission is allocated funds.”

United Nations Development Programme country director, Verity Nyagah said gender issues were a key pillar to the UN’s work. newsday



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