Saturday, 12 November 2016


MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai has today met party councillors and warned them that the corrupt have no place in the MDC.

“For me, the unique running thread in the nature and character of the MDC must be denoted by a God-fearing leadership and the twin sacred values of service and sacrifice. Ours should be known as the leadership that serves the people!

A leadership that consults the people is the hallmark of true leadership in this party.
As a mayor, councillor or any other local leader for that matter, ask yourself when was the last time you addressed a town hall or a village meeting to consult the people and to hear their concerns.

The MDC character is a leadership that is averse to corruption, greed and avarice. Our leadership character must be distinguishable by its prioritization of the people and the matters that concern them. That has always been the party’s character of this party and I want to see these traits running through the entire thread of our leadership."


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