Monday, 14 November 2016


MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai has slammed the abuse of State institutions by Zanu PF.

He said : "Our national institutions need to be transformed and aligned with the dictates of a new governance culture as espoused by our Constitution. The police, the army and all institutions should not to be controlled by any political party. They are institutions of the State. 

That is a very urgent matter that has to be addressed by the new administration. When you have Ministers of government admitting to having used resources of an institution of government to sponsor political marches and rallies, then the situation begins to cry out for urgent redress. 

That Jonathan Moyo could use ZIMDEF funds to sponsor Grace Mugabe’s rallies and to fund the so-called one million man march shows a disturbing trend of State/party conflation. Institutions of the State have to be weaned from the ruling party, even when the party in government becomes the MDC" 


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