Tuesday, 8 November 2016


A probation officer has told of his shock over a 17-year-old boy and his 15-year-old girlfriend’s three nights of sex in an abandoned homestead in Zvishavane before they were caught.

A Zvishavane magistrate heard that the girl, who is in Form Three, missed school for two days while having sex with her boyfriend, a school dropout.

Appearing before Zvishavane magistrate Mr Pater Madiba facing one count of having sexual intercourse with a minor, was the boy from Makani Village under Chief Mazvihwa in Zvishavane. The boy pleaded guilty to the charge.

Mr Madiba ruled that the accused receive six strokes of the rattan cane. A report presented before Mr Madiba by a probation officer, who was not named, said the victim was sexually obsessed while the accused was sexually precocious.

“The girl indicates to be sexually obsessed. She can’t control her emotions. She said she spent three nights with her boyfriend having intimacy relationship. The juvenile (the accused), seems to have serious social and behavioural chal- lenges.

“He seems to be confused with his body changes. He seems to be sexually precocious. He has no interest in alcohol but sexual intercourse and it seems no one is guiding him with regard to sexuality, adolescence and puberty,” reads the probation officer’s report.

Prosecutor Miss Caroline Mafunga said in June, the accused proposed love to the girl and she accepted.

She said on September 17, the complainant ended her relationship with the accused whom she accused of having many girlfriends.

“On another day, the accused persuaded the complainant for reconciliation to which she agreed before they went into a nearby bush where they had consensual sexual intercourse,” the court heard.

“The complainant delayed going home and was called by her father who inquired where she was. Fearing a beating by her father, the complainant went to her boyfriend’s homestead.”
Miss Mafunga said the boy and the schoolgirl went into a hut at an abandoned homestead and stayed there for three nights having sexual intercourse.

She said the complainant’s parents looked for her and found her at the abandoned homestead.

“The complainant was asked about her ordeal but denied having sexual intercourse with the accused. A report was made to the police leading to the arrest of the accused,” said Miss Mafunga. herald


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