Saturday, 26 November 2016


A MAN from Umguza, who is on the run after raping a granny and leaving her tied to a tree, has allegedly unleashed a reign of terror in Nyamandlovu where he is accused of raping and robbing villagers.

Obvious Ncube (18), who lived at Intubeni Farm under Chief Deli, has been a fugitive from justice since last month after he allegedly assaulted a 52-year-old granny from Umguzane Block and raped her while she was unconscious.

A villager who spoke on condition of anonymity said the community had resolved to escort their children to and from school to protect them from the dangerous outlaw.

“Last week we heard that he raped a mother who was escorting her child to school before raping the pupil as well. Last month he assaulted and raped an old woman who was on her way to church,” said the villager.

“He has continued to rob people, especially women, in the areas around Anju Prison Farm,” said a concerned villager.

The villager said Ncube is a deadly sex maniac who needs to be found and arrested as soon as possible before he wreaks further havoc. A police source said they had embarked on a manhunt after receiving numerous crime reports attributed to Ncube from the community.

“The man acts like he is possessed. We embarked on a manhunt in Umguza to no avail. Today you hear that he robbed someone at such an area and when you go there, he will have moved to another area,” said the police source.

Villagers said Ncube vanishes after committing a crime. “He always vanishes after he commits a crime and has been getting away with that behaviour for a long time. This time we are glad police have reacted and embarked on a manhunt as he has become even more dangerous to the community,” said a villager.

Some villagers who telephoned The Chronicle on the matter said police should be more serious in their hunt.

Last month, The Chronicle reported that Ncube allegedly stripped an old woman, raped and left her tied to a tree for about seven hours.
He allegedly threatened to stab her to death with a knife if she told anyone about the sex attack.

A villager said Ncube approached the elderly woman from behind and struck her on the head with a knobkerrie and the granny fell to the ground, unconscious.

“He dragged her for more than 50 metres into the bush where he raped her once before removing her clothes. The crazy young man tied both the woman’s hands and legs with shoe laces and used part of her clothes to tie her onto a tree before fleeing from the farm,” he said.

Matabeleland North police spokesperson Sergeant Namatirai Mashona could not be reached for comment. Chronicle


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