Tuesday, 1 November 2016


A 29-YEAR-OLD Bulilima woman has been arrested after she severely assaulted her nine-year-old son for eating porridge without her permission.

Tshakahha Ncube of Nopemano area is expected to appear in court on November 10 by way of summons facing charges of ill treating her child, Ngqabutho Ncube.

The village head of the area, Mr Isaac Ndlovu said the nine-year-old boy who was a Grade Three school dropout had sustained severe injuries all over the body as a result of multiple assaults by his mother.

“Ncube has been severely assaulting her son but the community didn’t know about this until recently. The boy’s stepfather knew about this as he used to witness these attacks but he never reported them.
“Early this month Ngqabutho ate some porridge without his mother’s permission. When she found out she severely assaulted the boy with a stick,” he said.

Mr Ndlovu said one of the neighbours heard the boy screaming and became suspicious. He said he was approached by the villager and he proceeded to Ncube’s homestead with a neighbourhood watch committee member to inquire.

Mr Ndlovu said he found the boy with bruises from the attack and multiple scars from previous assaults.

“When we inspected the boy’s body I noticed whip marks and scars all over his body and some were on his face. He told us that his mother was constantly beating him up.

“He told us that he had eaten the porridge as he was hungry but his mother didn’t entertain his explanation. We escorted Ncube to the police station where she was taken in for questioning,” he said.

Mr Ndlovu said the scars which the boy had on his body where a sign that his mother was abusing him.

Ngqabutho’s grandfather, Mr Albert Ncube who also stays in the same village said the family was shocked to learn that his daughter was ill treating his grandchildren.
He said they were also unaware that he had dropped out of school.

“I was shocked to see the scars on my grandchild’s body as we were not aware that he was going through such terrible torture. It appears that his mother withdrew him from school beginning of third term as a way of punishing him.

“It is really heartbreaking that my daughter could treat her biological child in such a manner. The boy has scars all over his body from being beaten up,” said Mr Ncube. chronicle


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