Friday, 18 November 2016


A South African Police officer is putting smiles on people’s faces far and wide with a song‚ Count Your Blessings.

Warrant Officer Dawie Williams is seen cheerfully singing the tune to a camera on his desk.
Williams‚ who is also a pastor at the Kingdom Life Centre church‚ told TMG Digital that he had no idea he would become an overnight sensation when he posted the video on Facebook. But the video proved to be an instant hit.

“If you go through my Facebook page you will see that I like posting devotional messages and sometimes videos. So on that day I was late and didn’t post at my usual morning time‚ so I got a call from one of my friends asking me why I didn’t post‚” he said.

“I decided to take a video of myself singing when I got to the office instead because it’s quicker and then I uploaded it. I did not think that people would like it this much‚” a modest Williams said.

The humble senior pastor from Potchefstroom says his new-found fame has attracted a number of interested buyers of his music.

“I get calls every now and then from people asking if I have an album. I am a singer and I have sung with a couple of groups before. I just love singing and I love making people happy. Every morning I share on my page messages that will lift their spirits‚” he said.

Williams has been a police officer in Potchefstroom for almost 10 years and is responsible for providing counselling to trauma victims‚ giving station lectures and daily motivation to police officers amongst other things.

The pastor‚ husband and father of a six-year-old daughter says he is currently writing a book which focuses on helping people discover their life purpose.

Williams says he wanted to spread a message of peace and happiness through the viral count your blessings video.

“I just wanted to say that we must all do what we have to do to make the world we live in a better place. You need to look around you and ask what I can do to make my day a bit better and happier.

“I will continue with my daily devotions and making people smile.”


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