Sunday, 6 November 2016


A 13-year-old boy sustained swollen privates after he was assaulted by the headmaster for allegedly fighting in the school yard.

The headmaster, Onwell Chinhara (60) from Glen Grey Primary School in Esigodini allegedly ordered the minor to pull his shorts to knee-level before whipping him in front of the whole school.

This came to light when Chinhara appeared before Esigodini magistrate Mr Lungile Ncube facing assault charges. He pleaded not guilty and was granted bail.

Prosecuting, Mr Jafta Nyika said on 23 September the boy was reported by a school prefect that he and his friend were fighting at the assembly point.

However, the two boys dismissed the fighting claims saying they were just playing. The court heard that Chinhara got furious as he thought that the two boys were ganging up to make the prefect look stupid.

He then summoned all pupils to the assembly point. Mr Nyika said: “Chinhara took a whip and asked the boy to drop his shorts and lie down on the bench facing downwards. He whipped the minor several times on his buttocks and in the process the boy hit his groin against the bench and sustained swollen testicles.”

The court heard that the minor could not walk properly on his way home. When he got home his mother noticed the unusual gait and he narrated the thrashing to his mother who noticed that his private parts were swollen.

He was taken to hospital leading to the arrest of Chinhara.

Asked why he assaulted the minor in such an endangering way Chinhara denied assaulting the minor despite the medical proof which shows that the minor sustained serious injuries.

The boy’s mother pleaded with the court to ask Chinhara to take care of the medical expenses for her son.

She expressed fears that if he does not get the right treatment, it may cause him problems in future. She said she was afraid he might even be sterile because of the assault. sunday news


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