Sunday, 13 November 2016


THE ZimPF party led by former Vice-President Dr Joice Mujuru has been hit by massive exodus of supporters who are frustrated by selfish leaders who want to put themselves ahead of the party, a senior party official has said.

Speaking during the party’s rally held in Ntabazinduna yesterday and attended by a handful of supporters, national steering committee chairperson for women affairs, Ms Margaret Dongo said there were leaders who wanted to derail the party’s activities.

“We want the party to move forward but we have lost a number of people who have resigned because they are frustrated with what is happening in the party. I will not mention their names but we have a couple of several members who have left the party because they are frustrated at what is happening,” she said.

Ms Dongo said ZimPF has some egocentric leaders who want to focus on themselves instead of the better good of the party going around peddling lies. She urged party supporters not to listen to rumours and those speaking ill against Dr Mujuru.

“A nation is not led by rumour mongers. Joice belongs to the nation. Those who depend on rumours will be swept away. Leading is about policies not rumours, speaking the same language,” she said.

Dr Mujuru also addressed the party supporters urging them to shun those who divide them.

“ZimPF should guard against those who practice rumour mongering who are sent to disturb the party. You should distance yourselves from them. Fish them out because they are wasting our time,” said Dr Mujuru.

She said her party was ready to address the issue of Gukurahundi saying there were a lot of people who wanted the issue to be swept under the rug. Dr Mujuru said the country was under-developed because most energy has been spent on what she termed “promoting retrogressive tribalism”.

Dr Mujuru said her party will ensure that devolution of power is implemented so that local communities can benefit from their resources. She said her party has set up a national steering committee to come up with a campaign programme.

Before addressing the rally Dr Mujuru paid a courtesy visit to Chief Nhlanhla Ndiweni, the son of the late Khayisa Ndiweni.

The rally was attended by former People’s Democratic Party vice-president Dr Samuel Sipepa Nkomo who spoke highly of Dr Mujuru saying any attempts to remove her from the power will see the party collapsing. Also in attendance were senior ZimPF members Mr Dzikamai Mavhaire, Mr Kudakwashe Basikiti, Marian Chombo and party’s representatives from Bulawayo and other Matabeleland provinces.


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