Tuesday, 8 November 2016


MATOBO District has resolved that women from each household should be the ones collecting food relief and cash from donors to curb the abuse of the hand-outs by men.
Matobo District Administrator Mr Robert Mzezewa said the community members agreed to the set-up as they believe women are more responsible when it comes to family matters.

Mr Mzezewa said non-governmental organisations such as Oxfarm, World Vision, Fambidzanai, Dabane Trust and Caritas were supporting some families in the district.
He said only women have been chosen as the recipients of the relief aid.
“To prevent misuse of cash or food, it has been agreed that female members represent their households so that they can responsibly utilise the money to cater for the whole family. As such females are the main recipients of the money during cash and food disbursements,” said Mr Mzezewa.

He said men are not totally excluded when it comes to the use of money to prevent domestic violence cases.
Mr Mzezewa said the involvement of different players in fighting hunger was commendable.

“The increased heat and unpredictable rains this season coupled by the diminishing pastures have made the situation worse as both livestock and humans fight for survival. To this end, it is our earnest anticipation and hope that Government and its partners do more in their attempt to assuage this state of affairs,” he said.

Mr Mzezewa said due to decreasing pastures, the district, which has a population of over 68 000 cattle, recorded 41 cattle deaths.

Early this year, President Mugabe declared the 2015/2016 farming season a national disaster to pave way for relief food mobilisation. Chronicle


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